What are the different types of auto racing?
21 Jul

Auto racing, or motorsport, is a diverse field with numerous variations. From the high-speed thrill of Formula 1, where precision and aerodynamics reign supreme, to the rough and tumble world of Rally Racing, which tests driver's endurance and vehicle's durability on off-road conditions. There's also Stock Car Racing, famously showcased in NASCAR, where cars of similar build race on oval tracks. Drag racing is another type, focusing on straight-line speed and acceleration over a short distance. Lastly, there's Endurance Racing, where the goal is to cover as much ground as possible within a set time frame.

What is racing really about?
13 Feb

Racing is not just about driving fast, it is also about making quick decisions, maintaining concentration and having a strategy. It is also about being able to stay calm and composed under pressure. Racing involves reacting quickly to changing conditions on the track, such as weather and other drivers. It requires understanding the car and its limits, as well as the track and its features. Racing is a mental and physical battle that requires skill, physical fitness, and a strong will to win.